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SONIC Performance Support was established after spending over 20 years in the Instructor Led Training business.  All the time we saw evidence of students not being able to remember, or even apply, what was learnt in class to their daily work.  In 2006, SONIC developed a solution that enables “Workplace Learning” and even more importantly, “Performance Support”. Now, years later, the studies are showing that up to 80% of all learning happens informally, outside of the classroom.

Our solution enables learning at every possible “training moment” and has had a huge impact concerning saved time and money!  We integrated our training right into the ribbon of all popular Microsoft Office applications, so you can learn side-by-side right within the software, allowing for fast and effective knowledge transfer. Our small video based learning nuggets can also be used for structured, formal learning, should you need to learn an entire course from start to finish. 

With a customer base around the world, our courses are developed in multiple languages and can be accessed on most devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, etc.) from the Cloud or behind your Firewall.  SONIC can also deliver SCORM packages with exercise files and quizzes to run on your Learning Management System.

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There is an important trend for eLearning products known as “micro learning”. SONIC Performance Support produces short video training snippets (in multiple languages) which are searchable down to a key word or phrase. By integrating the Instant Learning Server™ into the Ribbon of Microsoft Office, training videos are permanently available as "Performance Support" while working in Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. Users will find the answers they need to solve their problem and get back to work immediately.

The videos can be accessed via SONIC’s Instant Learning Server™ immediately from any computer or mobile device, any browser or our public cloud. On request we can even give you full access through a private cloud (SaaS) or a company LAN/WAN, behind your firewall. With any method you choose users can and will be able to integrate the newly acquired knowledge directly into their workflow.

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The Instant Learning Server™ enables companies to provide existing company videos to its employees, or new SONIC produced videos with your company's relevant information and topics. SONIC Performance Support has the expertise and facilities to help you create your own individual company-specific content.





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SONIC's library of courses can be easily integrated into your Learning Management System. Our SCORM packages currently reside in many learning management systems today, namely; CrossKnowledge, BlackBoard, Skillsoft, Moodle, Green Light, OpenSesame, Cornerstone on Demand, and many others. Our content can be licensed once and reside in your LMS forever, making our solution very affordable compared to the other options on the market.  Our award winning content includes practice files, quizzes and additional learning aids and to top it off we have some of the most competitive pricing for our annual subscription.

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