Corporate Solutions
Corporate Solutions

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Below are some highlights that may be important to you as a corporation.
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To learn more about our innovative Training and Performance Support tool, the Instant Learning Server, click here.

Lots of Available Training Titles

We have a complete Information Worker library of "off-the-shelf" titles (learn more) in multiple languages.  This library covers the essential software applications that reside on about 80% of the worlds desktops.  Our library continues to grow with new titles being added monthly.  If you do not see what you need in our library, no problem, we can create new content to meet your specific needs.  Let's talk.

Your Content in our Learning Management System

If you have content produced and it's sitting on a file server or another system that is not searchable, or you don´t even know how many users have accessed the content, we can easily integrate your 3rd party content into our system. When your content is uploaded to the Instant Learning Server, you will have full reporting capabilities, you can search for exactly what you need down to a spoken word or phrase, and you can watch the entire course or drill down and watch only a short 3-5 minutes segment and stay productive in your work day.

Custom Content Production Services

Creating a new corporate training video is no easy task - we get it!

  • Do you need help with a new Concept for a corporate video? 
  • Do you know how to put the storyboard together to ensure a high quality course is created? 
  • You can't shoot the video yourself as you do not have a Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • You don't have a professional studio for the shoot.
  • Now you have the video shot, how do you do all the post production work?

No worries, SONIC has you covered.  We help organizations create their own custom content (learn more) from A-Z.  We can incorporate your company design, colors, logos and deliver your project on-time and on budget!  Schedule an appointment with one of our custom content development team leads.


Our reporting tool then captures all training content accessed, every day, by every user, by department, by software application, number of views, and more.

Cloud or Behind-The-Firewall?

We have multiple delivery Options (learn more), but many organizations (learn more) choose our “Behind-the-Firewall” solution because:

  • It’s a controlled “secure” learning environment and does not require internet access
  • Users don’t have to search for an answer on the internet and waste valuable time
  • Users are easily managed via your own Active Directory
  • We offer Single-Sign-On from within your own corporate environment
  • We provide a custom user interface (your logo, company color scheme, etc.)

1-2-3 Installed!

It only takes 4-5 hours of your time to install a SONIC Solution (Private Cloud or Behind the Firewall).  Of course you can also send your learners to our Public Cloud at (no hardware, software, no hassles). Learn more about how simple it is to get started!

From a pricing perspective, we do offer multi-user volume pricing.  We provide you a proven and effective training solution at a very reasonable price. 

Contact SONIC today for a free, no obligation quote. 

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