Corporate Solutions
Third Party Content Integration

Integration of company’s existing content

The Instant Learning Server™ is more than just a learning management tool. It enables companies to install existing and newly produced videos with company's relevant information and content.

For example, do you have department videos, company videos or webinars that you would like to make searchable? User generated and company-specific training courses can be added to the Instant Learning Server™ and made searchable. Of course, companies can integrate the Instant Learning Server™ into their intranet. Thus, company-specific content can easily be deployed in a secured environment. Furthermore, the graphical design can be adapted to your company's corporate design.

In order to bring our learning and information platform as close to the user as possible we developed a state of the art Ribbon Integration tool that allows users to access their training right from the Microsoft Office ribbon.

SONIC will assist you in the implementation of the Instant Learning Server™ in your organization according to the configuration you choose. Our technical support staff will work with you to determine the optimal configuration based upon the number of users, locations, languages, etc.

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