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Instant Learning Server

Learning at the Moment of Need!

Extending learning beyond courses and classrooms to deliver performance support directly in the workflow can greatly improve learning transfer, retention, and performance.

The Instant Learning Server™ is the key point of access for workplace-related learning. On the Instant Learning Server™, you will find a large number of videos which can be searched quickly and effectively. The web application takes the user directly to the appropriate point in the video to get the information needed to complete an immediate task.

Click on the screenshot to access the Instant Learning Server.

This is an overview of the innovative 
features we buildt into the
Instant Learning Server.

SONIC offers video training courses on a host of Microsoft Office and Windows 7 topics, but you can also integrate your own videos and convert them into searchable learning bursts that can assist your employees at the moment of need. Even user-generated content can be incorporated into the Instant Learning Server™ and made searchable.

Microsoft Office Ribbon Integration

You can access the Instant Learning Server™ via a browser or from the Microsoft Office application, directly from the ribbon. You never have to leave Excel to learn how to create a pivot table. Let the trainer explain it to you directly in the Microsoft Office application, while you perform the task. If you want to have it explained again, no problem, rewind; it´s a video!

Download the Microsoft Office Ribbon AddIn

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