Learning Options
Complete List of Features

Learning Path

Want to learn an entire course? Simply follow the Learning Path that has been set-up in a didactically correct and meaningful order to maximize your learning. The "next" and "previous" buttons allows you to navigate the learning path with one click.

Full Text Search

Maybe you prefer to go straight to the information you need now, we call this “Performance Support”.  Our rich search functionality, takes you directly to the appropriate point in a video to get the information needed to complete an immediate task.   Learn what you want, quickly and effectively!

Jump Markers

Type in a key word or phrase and our unique “Jump Markers” allow you to jump directly to the point in the course where your search term is explained.  

Ribbon Integration

The Instant Learning Server can be accessed via any browser or right from the Microsoft Office Ribbon, directly in the software application (Word, PPT, Excel, etc.). You never have to leave Excel to learn how to create a pivot table. Let the trainer explain it to you directly in the Microsoft Office application, while you perform the task. 


It’s easy to validate your knowledge with our end of chapter Quizzes. You can also skip a module and use the quiz to verify that you already know the content. A result of 80% or better, is good enough!

Exercise Files

Exercise files are available to assist you if necessary.They can be downloaded and used to follow along with the trainer.


A list of all videos you have watched can be found under “History”. Did you forget where you left off? No problem, go to History and a complete list of what you have viewed is available in date order.

Favorites / Shortcuts

Do you only work with “pivot tables” once a quarter? Need a refresher on the “nested if” function? No problem, add these to your favorites folder and refer back to them as often as needed.


If your organization bought more than one license, you can designate one or more “reporting managers”. The report manager can view usage stats and quiz results for everyone in your organization. The data can be printed or exported to an Excel or CSV file.This feature is optional (opt in).

Simple User Registration

There are many ways to register as a student; one of them is with SONIC Learning Keys. Learning Keys allow you to create your favorite username and password, which dramatically reduces help desk requests. If you still forget your password, we got you covered.Just click on "Forgot your password" on the log-in screen and we will send you a new one.
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Training Reinforcement

To help with learner engagement, the Instant Learning Server sends automated messages for things like a successful enrollment, your account is nearing expiration, new videos have been added to your subscription and so forth.

Closed Captions (coming soon)

Closed captions may be primarily for the hearing impaired, but research has revealed they are also used extensively by people who do not have hearing challenges. There are two additional good reasons why SONIC’s videos offer the option to activate closed captions: They are quite helpful in situations where the video sound might disturb others and they improve the learning experience!
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Hardware Independent

You can access the Instant Learning Server from any device: a PC, a Mac, a Tablet or a Smartphone. Our technology detects your device and delivers the best user experience.

Dynamic Bandwidth Management

Dynamic Video Streaming allows dynamic switching (smoothly) between different file sources to always ensure you have the best quality possible. If your bandwidth changes (higher or lower) while viewing a video, our dynamic bandwidth implementation automatically adjusts the quality of the video delivered.
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Multi Language Support

We understand the needs of a single user as well as multi-national organizations, who are in need of the same content in different languages. We currently support English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Chinese. Additional Languages can be added upon request.

Choose the platform you need

The Instant Learning Server is a fully hosted training solution, so there is no need to invest in hardware, software, or licensing.  However, for organizations that prefer a Private Cloud or a hosted Instant Learning Server solution "Behind-the-Firewall", we can deliver a solution that meets your needs.  Various enrollment methods like LDAP or SSO are also possible.
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Integrate Corporate Specific Training Content

Do you have department videos, company videos or webinars that you would like to make searchable? User generated and company-specific training courses can be added to the Instant Learning Server™ and made searchable. Our user access rights system allows you to limit the access to individuals or groups of users. 
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