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Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements for Company Wide Solutions

System Requirements - Only for IT Experts who are Hosting the Instant Learning Server in their Environment or Managing Company Accounts:

System Requirements: Clients


  • Internet Explorer version 7 or higher
  • Chrome 15.0 or higher
  • Firefox version 3.6 or higher
  • Safari version 4.0 or higher


  • Intel Pentium 4 class at least 2.33 GHz / PowerPC G5 at least 1.8 GHz or comparable (Dual Core2 recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM

Apple iPad/iPhone

  • Supported natively

Android Devices

  • Adobe Flash Required

Monitor/Browser Resolution

  • 1024 x 768 (1280 x 1024 recommended)
  • Apple iPad resolution supported natively

System Settings

  • Soundcard, Loudspeaker/Headset (Call us if Closed Captions are required)
  • Flash Player Minimum version: v10.0.56 (latest version 11.x HIGHLY recommended)
  • Average bandwidth need is 350 kBit/s per simultaneous video access. Our dynamic bandwidth management system will always play the videos in best possible quality, resulting in even lower bandwidth need than 350 kBit/s
  • For Office Ribbon Integration Internet Explorer with Flash required
  • JavaScript Must be enabled
  • Cookies enabled (recommended)


  • Streaming should be allowed.
    This requires one of the following ports to be enabled: Port 1935 (default port for streaming), Port 80 (http-Port) (Fallback RTMPT) - with reduced performance)
  • Access to stream.instantlearning.biz should be possible without proxies (Subscription to SONIC Server)

These requirements apply to accessing the system via the Internet.
For use behind firewall or locally hosted environments, specifications may vary

Virtual Desktop /Terminal Server Environment

  • Multimedia Extension of Vendor necessary (Citrix HDX, VMWare PCoIP or comparable)

System Requirements: Server

Base System (Web Backend, Database and Streaming Server):


  • Linux OS: OpenSuSE or SuSE Linux Enterprise 64-Bit
  • Apache 2.2 Web Server
  • Typo3 4.5.x LTS Version (only for ILS)
  • Note: Other Linux/Unix version can be considered.
  • Windows requires modifications but may also be used
  • Standard system is configured for virtual delivery
  • MySQL 5.x Database
  • Streaming server usually combined with web server. Depending on bandwidth requirements it may be necessary to swap. (ILS only)
  • Multi-tiered system is possible
  • Integration into existing environments via LDAP/SSO possible
  • The Basic Package includes a preconfigured virtual machine.
  • LDAP Integration for 1 Domain and Basic Layout Adaption included.
  • Other possible adjustments / integrations may be customized.


  • CPU INTEL i7 9x0 or XEON 550x
  • Basic 6 GB RAM, 15 MB per user simultaneously accessing
  • DB server with +12 GB RAM can accommodate 1,000 users concurrently
  • When approximately 1,000 simultaneous users are accessing the instant learning server (only relevant for installations above 25,000 users) we recommend having an additional user database
  • Drive system for video storage at least 10 GB RAID 0 / RAID 10 or special Storage recommended for better performance (Depending on the number of used videos)

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