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Need For Training
The benefits of a skilled workforce are significant and measurable.
Video Training
7 out of 10 organisations are starting to incorporate video-based training into their learning culture.
Returning Customers
Over 95% of companies that are just starting to use videos for learning say they will use video-based learning more in the future.
Get More Done
84% of employees in Best Performing Organisations receiving the training they need. (IBM, 2013)
Cloud Based Computing
Cloud Computing is also a challenge - without receiving the proper training, it’s not really possible to understand Office 365 and its entire scope of functions.
Lots of Available Training Titles
We have a complete Information Worker library of "off-the-shelf" titles (learn more) in multiple languages. This library covers the essential software applications that reside on about 80% of the worlds desktops. Our library continues to grow with new titles being added constantly.
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Small Learning Nuggets
Our engaging videos have a typical duration between 3 min – 7 min, resulting in little to no workflow disruption.
Closed Captions
Closed captions may be primarily for the hearing impaired, but they allow a cost-effective localisation to other languages rather than the original material.
We understand the need of a single user aswell as multi-national organizations, who are in need of the same content in different languages.
Delivery Options
Our video play in a variety of platforms, from our cloud based platform, the Instant Learning Server, import our corses into your Learning Management System via SCORM or uploading our video to your Office 365 channel. The Amazon Video is targeted to private people who want to view our training videos from home.
Instant Learning Server
Our Instant Learning Server™ is the key point of access for workplace-related learning. Use the full-text-search to find the Learning Nugget you need or follow a learning path.
Scorm Compliant
All SONIC courses can be integrated into your Learning Management System. Compatible with: BlackBoard, Skillsoft, moodle, Cornerstone on demand, successfactors and many others.
Office 365 Video
The Training Videos play direct in your Office 365 Video Channel – Secure and easy to manage (powered by Microsofts Azure Technology, Subtitles)
Amazon Prime
Watch on-demand at Amazon Video - free with a Prime membership. (Note: Videos with Subtitles, no Quiz, Handouts or Practice Files)
Custom Content Production
SONIC has the expertise and facilities to create individual, high-quality content for companies. In our green screen studio our professionally equipped teams can support you with every aspect of video production from script writing to the finished product.
Storyboards & Design
Definition of desired results, Analysis, Storyboard, Design
Casting, Audio and Video recording, Graphics, Animations
Color keying, Sound editing, Video editing, Rendering
Customer Feedback
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Great course! Really easy to follow and understand.
The course was very interesting and the lessons challenging enough to allow a thorough insight into new functions of MS Office 2016. I would definitely recommend the course to all.
This guy is good. I am learning a lot from him. Good value for money.
WOW....I didn't realize you could do so much in Word.